Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Special Training and Response Facility


State of the art training center

The tactical training Center’s proposed new force-on-force training center, is projected to have approximately 6,000 sf interior training space, consisting of two floors and a usable rooftop with are reconfigurable for variety of scenarios.

Special Training and Response Facility


This structure will allow Academy Recruits, Deputies, and Tactical Units to train in a safe environment while responding to basic calls for service, active shooter scenarios, and tactical responses.

Tactical units such as the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team will train for serving high-risk search warrants, hostage and barricade situations, crisis entry, night vision operations rappelling, and door breaching.

Special Training and Response Facility


The exterior of the structure is designed to simulate a variety of structures including commercial business, motels, apartments or even a church or school facility.

Special Training and Response Facility


The interior structure’s tracked moveable wall system allows the interior spaces to be altered with minimal downtime to suit the individual training objectives. Additionally, the building will have both an internal and external stairwell to mimic the variety of the structures deputies encounter in the field.

Special Training and Response Facility

Schematic Design